Coming Soon

Whitebird Engineering, Inc.

--- Imagining the Future ---

Get ready for the biggest marketing launch of the year, combining innovation as well as design.

After getting bugged about it for years, we’ve finally decided to invent our own website to provide to you the same unique, high tech product design capabilities that others, privately referred to us, have enjoyed for years. These are design capabilities that you absolutely need in today’s fast moving, complex world.

Over the next month or so we will be putting together a comprehensive catalog of our capabilities along with examples so that you can determine what areas of our expertise that you might want to take advantage of in accomplishing your own goals

Along with this we are publishing some of our research papers, design studies, tutorials and selected open source designs . We’re providing these freely for you to use to advance your own knowledge regardless of whether you need to engage us or not.

On this last note, once this site becomes active, please feel free to ask us to help you get virtually anything done whether you have a large project or just a small difficult job. We live to help you get things done.

Until then you can contact Kent Swan our president at or (561)843-2103